From Friday 10th -Monday 13th August there will be a parish mission at the Cathedral. It will be run by the Catholic Discipleship College (CDC) There will be opportunities for Marian prayer, adoration, and talks by Fr Dominique.

Friday 10th August 2018

6.30am  Mass 

7.00am  Morning Prayer in the Church 

9.00am  Day spent at Marian Primary School

 7pm       Marian Evening - commented Rosary and music 

 Saturday 11th August: Retreat day

9:30 am                Mass 

10:15     First Talk – Father Dom 

11:15     Morning Tea 

11:45     Second Talk – Father Dom 

1:00 pm               Lunch (shared potluck) 

2:00       Question and Answer 

2:30       Adoration 

2:50       Chaplet of Divine Mercy 

3:00       Finish 


6pm       Vigil Mass

7pm       Engage with Parish Youth Group 

Sunday 12th August

7.30 & 10.30am    Mass

2pm       Afternoon Talk – Father Dom 

6 pm      Evening Mass

7pm        Young Adult Night – nibbles and discussion at the Quadrant


Monday 13th of August

6.30am  Mass 

7.00am  Morning Prayer in the Church 

9.00am  Marian School Monday Liturgy at the Cathedral

9.30am  Day spent at Marian Primary School

 5.30 pm Healing / adoration evening

The Cathedral Leadership Team are hosting a series of evening and morning gatherings during July to discuss the With Hearts Burning modules which have been published over the last 6 months. The evenings will be structured with an introduction followed by a cafe-style discussion in the Cathedral foyer. Supper will be served by the Year 13 girls from Sacred Heart Girls' College. Everyone is welcome to attend one or all of the evenings. Each one will focus on a different module.

Photos from Pa Yvan Sergy's Requiem Mass on Tuesday 29th May 2018. Pa Yvan died at Assisi last Friday after a long battle with Motor Neurone Disease. His brother Luc arrived from Switzerland on Friday. Our prayers go out to Luc, the Sergy family and his brother priest's from the Hamilton Diocese. 

                                                                                                             First Reading- Marie-Claire Tamarii       Fr Gerard Paterson - Psalm 130
                                                                                                              representing the Bishop of the 
                                                                                                              Marquesas Islands
Deacon Peter Richardson -                Bishop Stephen Lowe -                David Barrowclough -
Gospel Reading                                     Homily                                        Prayers of the Faithful
                                                                                                                Fr Trevor Murray - Cantor
     Bishop Denis Browne

                                                           Bishop Denis Browne with        Our Southern Cross Advent wreath
                                                            Luc Sergy                                that Pa Yvan designed and crafted


The International Mass on Pentecost Sunday was an amazing, colourful, prayerful occasion with the Readings, Prayers of the Faithful and Mass parts being said in a variety of languages. Lots of people dressed in their national costumes and colours of their homeland. If you look closely you will be able to see our pastoral assistant Andrea and our parish secretary Shelley representing New Zealand!
First Reading in Te Reo                                                          Second Reading in Malayalam
Procession of the Gospel by the Fijian community
Prayers of the Faithful-
Spanish                                Tongan                        Vietnamese                Hungarian                    Korean                       Tetun- East Timorese
Offertory Procession -
  Vietnamese & Filipino                                              Couples for Christ choir and musicians                                        
  Spanish music group                                                                                                                    Hymn in Hindi